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​                Bronze Package - A Needs Assessment is given to determine a baseline 

                Silver Package - Curriculum Mapping 

                Gold Package​​ - Curriculum Development

                Platinum Package - Training and Progress Monitoring

                                                                                           All packages include all of the information from the preceding package including the additional elements.

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Greater Promise

Greater Promise Elite Learning Center, LLC is a BBB Accredited Tutor in Durham, NC

Curriculum Development

What are

       your needs?

Curriculum development is an area that requires great skill and is very time consuming.  If it is not something that you are used to doing, it can become very troublesome.  That is where we can assist you!  We have a four tiered curriculum package that will definitely satisfy your needs!  Whether you need to know the basics of what should be taught, or you desire to know how a topic should be taught, you can be trained by a certified teacher in ways to deliver instruction. Why try it on your own when we are here to help?  We can make it happen!  


​​​Greater Promise has a layered approach that is certain to fit the needs of your situation.  We offer Academic Support with tutoring/enrichment in a variety of subjects servicing kindergarten through adults.  Curriculum Development for traditional schools, parents who choose to home school their children, and our Teacher-Mentor opportunities are wonderful additions to the company!